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Legal Advocacy

Judges Examining Document
Our legal advocate provides assistance with
  • domestic violence restraining orders
  • harassment orders for sexual assault/abuse cases
clarifying the legal process
accompanying victims to court
assisting with communication between law enforcement, agencies, and the court system.

Our legal advocates are not attorneys. We cannot give legal advice, we can only give legal information.


A Temporary Restraining/Harassment Order (TRO) can protect up to 2-4 weeks (until your next court date). A Restraining Order, or permanent order, can last up to 3 years.

If you need protection NOW call 911
A Restraining
Order Can Help
A Restraining Order can help you co-parent with safety guards in place. For more information please come into Lassen Family Services.
How to Protect
A Restraining
Order Can Order
the Abuser to:
Make a safety plan. Start by packing a bag with things you would need if you have to leave quickyly. Leave the bag someplace safe and easy to get to fast or leave it with a neighbor or relative you trust. Examples of what to bring: ID, passport, birth certificate, legal documents, money, medication, etc.
  • Stay away from you, your children, relatives, pets and roommates.
  • Stay away from your home, work, school and your child's school.
  • Move out of your house.
  • Not have a gun.
  • Follow custody and visitation orders. 
  • attend anger management classes
How to Get a Restraining Order
Call or come into Lassen Family Services and make an appointment to see one of our advocates. If your legal issues are outside of Domestic Violence or Sexual Harrasement you can visit Access to Justice 
“At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end.” -Christine Mason Miller
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